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Twitter starts integrating advertising software

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comTwitter starts integrating advertising software
Twitter is opening up its platform to third-party advertising management software, taking another step to establish its ad-based business model ahead of an initial public offering. The ads application programming interface, or API, would allow advertisers to connect their existing ad management software to their Twitter account to automate ads on the micro-messaging platform. Twitter said that ... Full story

Facebook offers $20m to settle class action lawsuit

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comFacebook offers $20m to settle class action lawsuit
Facebook told users it will pay out $20m (£12.7m) to settle a class action lawsuit after it was accused of using people’s information and photographs without permission. The social network emailed its American members over the weekend to tell them that they may be eligible for a share of the funds if their names, profile pictures ... Full story

Google: ‘tax controversy has not deterred users’

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comGoogle: 'tax controversy has not deterred users'
Google users are not bothered by the company’s controversial tax arrangements, the company’s UK chief has claimed. Dan Cobley, managing director in the UK and Ireland, told a conference in London that the recent furore over the minimal amount of tax the company pays in Britain has done little to deter people from using its services. “Based on ... Full story

Barclays posts third-quarter loss of £47m as PPI costs rise

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comBarclays posts third-quarter loss of £47m as PPI costs rise
Barclays has reported a pre-tax loss of £47m for the third quarter after being hit by the cost of charges against the value of its own debt and the a further provision against payment protection insurance compensation. The loss compares to profit in the same period last year of £2.4bn and a second quarter profit of £1.2bn, and was largely the result of a £1.1bn charge ... Full story

Rothschild ‘wrong’ on Bumi’s deal dangers, says deputy chairman Sir Julian Horn-Smith

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comRothschild 'wrong' on Bumi's deal dangers, says deputy chairman Sir Julian Horn-Smith
Nat Rothschild is “completely, 100pc wrong” about the controversial “divorce” deal facing Bumi, according to the man trying to steady the troubled London coal group in the wake of the financier’s shock resignation. Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Bumi’s deputy chairman and senior independent director, said Mr Rothshild’s exit from the board exposes him as an “activist shareholder”. ... Full story

Nat Rothschild resigns from Bumi board over Bakrie plan

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comNat Rothschild resigns from Bumi board over Bakrie plan
Nat Rothschild resigned unexpectedly from the board of troubled coal group Bumi on Monday night, voicing his “great regret” in bringing its Indonesia backers to London and accusing its chairman of betraying shareholders. The financier stepped down after a bust-up over a £750m offer from key Indonesian shareholders to cut ties with the company. He said ... Full story

EADS chief was ‘politically naive’ over defence merger

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comEADS chief was 'politically naive’ over defence merger
EADS boss Tom Enders has been accused of being “naive” for misunderstanding the nature of Berlin’s political structure and failing to approach Angela Merkel directly over the group’s proposed £30bn merger with BAE Systems. Deal insiders said the German Chancellor was never asked about her support for the deal, despite EADS’ assurances to BAE that the ... Full story

Government ‘lost’ key calculations on West Coast bid

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comGovernment 'lost' key calculations on West Coast bid
THE Government lost or failed to save key calculations underpinning its decision to award the West Coast rail franchise to FirstGroup, a report commissioned by the Department for Transport shows. The study from accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers highlights crucial flaws in the handling of the bid that led to last week's decision by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to ... Full story

Debt fears as buy-out firms opt for refinancing

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comDebt fears as buy-out firms opt for refinancing
Private equity firms are set to take billions of pounds out of UK companies in a refinancing glut that has raised fears of a new credit bubble. Dozens of private equity-backed companies from the RAC to Formula One and Birds Eye owner Iglo are lining up to take advantage of the buoyant corporate bond market. In many ... Full story

4G will be widespread in Britain by next summer

http://www.socialnetwork-world.com4G will be widespread in Britain by next summer
Britain is to get widespread access to 4G mobile phone services by the summer of next year, six months earlier than hoped, after crunch talks between telecoms companies and the Government. Orange-owner EE is already scheduled to launch super-fast 4G services in 16 UK cities within the next few weeks but its rivals, Vodafone, O2 and ... Full story

Government cancels West Coast Mainline contract due to ‘flaws’ in bidding process

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comGovernment cancels West Coast Mainline contract due to 'flaws' in bidding process
FirstGroup's contract to run the West Coast Mainline has been cancelled by the Government due to "significant technical flaws" in the bidding process, which will be re-run. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said that the flaws "stem from the way the level of risk in the bids was evaluated". "Mistakes were made in the way in which inflation ... Full story

Ofcom attack on James Murdoch throws his future into doubt

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comOfcom attack on James Murdoch throws his future into doubt
James Murdoch is under renewed pressure to resign from the News Corporation and BSkyB boards, after Ofcom savaged his “character and conduct”. The broadcasting regulator on Thursday declared that BSkyB, the satellite television business, was “fit and proper” to hold a broadcasting licence, but it was unsparing in its assessment of Mr Murdoch, its former chairman. His ... Full story

Ofcom rules BSkyB ‘fit and proper’ but criticises conduct of James Murdoch

http://www.socialnetwork-world.comOfcom rules BSkyB 'fit and proper' but criticises conduct of James Murdoch
Broadcasting regulator Ofcom has ruled that BSkyB is “fit and proper” to hold a broadcasting licence but has savaged James Murdoch for his “failure” to take action over phone hacking at News of the World. The regulator said in a statement that Mr Murdoch’s behaviour was “difficult to comprehend and ill-judged” and that he “repeatedly fell ... Full story
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